Hi, I am Stacia.

I first fell in love with capturing life after the birth of my daughter. I never would have guessed what a spark my babies would ignite in me artistically.  I had always loved photography, but I was unaware that my specialty was with newborns and families until I began photographing the chapters of my daughter’s life. I realized then that I wanted to be able to give other families that same heart warming feeling that I felt, when seeing their loved ones (big or small) in beautiful photographs to treasure forever.

I am now a mother of two wonderful little inspirations, an artist and a storyteller.

I am here to capture the love and wonder of your very own story.

Capturing Life

My goal is to create exceptional imagery that will stick around for many generations to come. My work and the heirlooms I will create for you are extremely important to me. I truly want to help capture these fleeting moments in time for you to enjoy and reflect upon long after loved ones have grown.

My two babies have an annoying habit of asking for the newest, hottest and “next best” toy to grace the T.V. screen. Most of the time the classic- “You can’t always get what you want.” line works. But even with my persuading, one of the fad toys will inevitably get added to a wish list when the time comes for them to receive a gift or when there is birthday money to be spent. They get the toy and all is well. For a week. Tops. After which the toy seems to disappear into an abyss only to be rediscovered much later and added to the donation pile during spring cleaning.

Years from now we’re not going to remember every toy that made it through the cracks. We’re probably not going to be nostalgic about the day we went and picked them out at the store or unwrapped them in the chaos. But when we’re older, looking back at the albums that hold the photographs of our life, we’re going to SEE our life…and we’ll remember the thing-a-ma-jig they just HAD to have and we’re going to laugh. And maybe cry a little as we look back on what was. As we see the joy of unwrapping the mystery box on their faces. As we see the toy’s maiden voyage to the backyard. Those toys and the seemingly endless investment in them will have nothing on the investment we made in the photographs of our life. They are our sole way of seeing a life we lived, but were so close to we couldn’t fully appreciate at the time.

So what do silly toys have to do with you? They are a part of life. Things past have ways of being forgotten or overlooked. Their hair won’t always defy gravity even with hair gel’s feeble attempt to make it lay flat. Those missing teeth will fill in. That delicious baby chub will disappear one roll at a time. And the day will come when they won’t need you to stay with them until they fall asleep.

This is your story. Let’s get writing.

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