The Top 3 Things You Should Bring to a Newborn Portrait Session and 3 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About Having

Are you ready?!

As you anxiously await session day I’ve prepared the top 3 things you should bring to your newborn session that are almost always overlooked!

  1. A pacifier. It’s funny how strongly parents can feel about a pacifier. More often than not, they have polar opposite stances surrounding this little device! And both opinions are ok! Some parents are all for it and come extremely prepared with their entire collection ready to go, and others hesitate to use the one they were gifted at their baby shower. I am here to tell you, it is a HUGE help during your baby’s session. Giving your little one a distraction to soothe them during the posing process is incredibly helpful. If pacifiers are something you are hesitant about, rest assured. I have never had a parent tell me their newborn became reliant on a pacifier for soothing, post session. And as always, I do keep a few new ones handy in case you forget!
  2. Another person who can take other siblings home after they’ve had their turn being photographed. If you are having family pictures done during your newborn’s session, I would highly recommend having another parent or caregiver available to take the younger sibling/siblings home after family portraits are finished. This is for your benefit as much as it is for mine! Because newborns are so unpredictable, their portraits alone could last up to 3 hours between posing, soothing and settling. This means the waiting period for their younger siblings can be incredibly hard! To take the stress of entertaining and keeping your other child/children calm and quiet for the newborn portion of the session, I always recommend having someone there to take them somewhere more fun!
  3. Entertainment for yourself! I know most of us will always have our phones with us and those can certainly serve as useful forms or mindless reading/watching/scrolling, but consider a book, or even a tablet to watch a movie and/or binge-watch some of your favorite shows! Your baby is in good hands and you do not need to leave the room for anything. Take this time for yourself and relax!

Now for the top 3 things you do not need to bring with you.

  1. Food and beverages. I keep my client snacks stocked! Unless there are specific dietary restrictions, you and your family will have access to the pre packaged (and often times- fresh!) snacks I provide in studio. Water bottles are always available. (I am in the process of getting a Keurig machine in the studio as well!)
  2. Newborn outfits and props. Some of my parents will ask or offer to bring along a special newborn outfit or prop. These can range from a crochet, themed “costume”, onesies bearing the baby’s name and other things that were maybe a gift, or that you feel you would like included. While I always welcome whatever things you want to bring along (this is YOUR session), rest assured I have a very wide range of products, wraps, backdrops, headbands, appropriately fitting outfits, bonnets, tiny pillows and more for you to choose from (and you will get to during your in person consultation)! Often times things that are labeled as being made for a newborn are not in fact, the correct size and are even more often than not, ill fitting. If there is something of great importance to you and your family, absolutely bring it! If it is something of no real importance to you, please leave the styling to me and my years of experience and curated collection of styling options.
  3. Diapers and wipes. Poop, pee and spit up. It is all probably going to happen! I keep wipes and newborn sized diapers within arms reach of me to fix any issues that may pop up. If your baby has any sensitivities to anything, you are of course welcome to bring these things along (and I don’t doubt you will!). But if your exhausted-self forgets or doesn’t have enough packed, I have those vital necessities here!

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