Fine-Art Photography

What is Fine-art Photography?


I mean really…. what is fine-art photography?  Fine-art photography is described as-

“Fine-art photography is photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.”


Fine-art photography newborn baby boy on newborn photoshoot props


This is what I offer each and every one of my fine-art photography clients.  EMOTION being the golden word.  Prior to creating fine-art photographs for my clients, I was what is commonly referred to as a “shoot and burn photographer”.  These types of photographers can be found in every corner of every town and everyone knows one. They capture a session, deliver most of the digitals from the session and call it a day, never to be heard form again.


I wanted so much more.  For my clients and for myself.

I dove head first into the world of fine-art photography and never looked back.  I wanted my clients to be pampered from beginning to end.  I began offering consultations with charcuterie boards and sparkling lemonade.  This is where we would get together and discuss every detail of your session.  You are also able to touch, feel and hold the fine-art products that I offered and once you book, session day comes and goes, we would get back together and I would help you order your fine-art products that best fit your wants and needs. The final piece of the puzzle is order pick-up day, where dessert is served and the beautiful, fine-art products that you chose are inspected and celebrated.

How did I do this?  How did I make my high end, fine-art photography service dreams a reality?

During the pandemic I took the time to submerge myself into all that I could learn of the fine-art photography world.  I learned how to create fine-art photography, how to market fine-art photography and how to introduce my clients to the world of fine-art photography.  I spent countless hours curating the perfect fine-art photographic products for my clients to have and to hold for generations to come; something that is so vastly overlooked in this day and age.  I never want the importance of a photograph to be forgotten.  Digital files are great… but holding a photograph in your hands?  Or holding an heirloom quality, work of fine-art in your hands?  Priceless.  And something that I felt so strongly that everyone should invest in.

You can’t get these moments back.

They won’t be a newborn forever.  They won’t be a baby forever.  They won’t be a toddler forever.  They won’t be a kid forever.  They won’t be in high school forever.  Savor all of it.  Every moment, every roll of scrumptious baby chub, every stray curl, every missing tooth, every good (or bad!) hair day, every achievement.  And savor it via true fine-art form.  Don’t simply put it on social media to die.  Digital files won’t stay around forever.  Fill your walls, bookshelves and memory boxes with carefully curated, heirloom, fine-art photographs that are meant to last!

So what is one to do if they are ready to become the proud owner of their very own fine-art quality print products?

That’s easy.  Contact me.  We can get the ball rolling on your very own, custom designed session that you and yours can enjoy for many generations to come.

And I promise, it won’t disappoint.

Fine-art photography newborn boy



For more information about fine-art photography, click here.

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