Why I Love Photographing Senior Portrait Sessions

Photographing senior portrait sessions is one of my favorite aspects of being a professional photographer. I have been doing these types of shoots for years and the experience never gets old. Through the lens, I get to capture the essence of a young person’s journey into adulthood, and that’s an incredibly rewarding feeling. Every shoot is unique and presents its own challenges; I am constantly evolving as a photographer and pushing myself to find more creative ways to make each session special.

This is a special moment in someone’s life, and as a photographer I take great pride in being able to capture these memories for them. Not only do I get to witness their transformation from childhood to adulthood, but I also get to create images that will last a lifetime.

When to schedule a senior portrait session

For those considering scheduling a senior portrait session, it’s important to understand what the best time is for this type of photography. Generally speaking, scheduling a senior portrait session between late spring and early fall is ideal. This allows natural lighting to be used, which can provide beautiful outdoor photographs as well as create softer lighting indoors. Additionally, by avoiding extreme temperatures during these months, seniors will feel more comfortable and free to choose different outfits for use throughout their session.

Pay attention to your yearbook image submission deadline! Every school has different deadlines for senior portrait images to be submitted by. It is equally as important to be aware of any dress code guidelines your school may have surrounding what is appropriate. It is never up to the photographer to know what your school may require. But hey! I always allow outfit changes for my seniors and if you have any fun attire you would like to incorporate into your session, we can always capture those images too, in addition to the school required dress code images.

How adventurous can we get?

This is YOUR session. I am here to follow you to wherever you feel will best capture your vibe.

As a photographer, I am always looking for ways to make my senior portrait sessions exciting and unique. Photographing a high school senior is an incredibly special experience that should be documented in the best way possible. That’s why I love taking on such adventurous photoshoots. There are so many great opportunities to capture beautiful memories of these milestone moments!

The possibilities for a fun, creative session are virtually limitless. From exploring city streets or wild fields, to capturing images at golden hour or embracing dramatic lighting – every shot can tell its own story. As long as I’m able to capture the spontaneity and energy of each individual’s personality, the photoshoot will be nothing short of spectacularly successful! We can go anywhere you want – it’s your session and your vibe that will ultimately determine how adventurous we get.

My business name is Seed & Sage Photography for a reason

While it’s true that I specialize in newborn photography, I absolutely do not stop there. I want to grow with your family and be there to capture all the important moments of their lives. From the little seed that your newborn is, to the full blown thriving plant that they will grow to be, I’ve got you covered.


Click here to check out a special senior portrait session I captured in Arizona!

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