Winter Photoshoots

Winter photoshoots are not a common occurrence for my clients. But when they happen, it’s magical. Winter offers a unique opportunity to capture some truly stunning images. With the snow-covered ground and the bright, frosty air, winter provides a beautiful setting for photoshoots. From breathtaking landscapes to playful snowball fights, winter is full of possibilities for capturing the perfect shot. I wish more of my clients would consider a winter photoshoot. The possibilities are endless!

Why Choose a Winter Photoshoot

Winter photoshoots can be a wonderful way to capture beautiful moments during the cold season. With the abundance of snow, picturesque winter sceneries and crisp winter air, it’s no surprise that so many people choose this time of year for photoshoots. Winter photography offers many unique opportunities for capturing stunning images in an interesting and varied setting.

Not only does a winter photoshoot provide a picturesque backdrop for your photos, but it also gives you the chance to take advantage of all the natural elements that come along with the season. From dramatic snow-covered landscapes to cozy indoor settings (dream lifestyle session, anyone?!), there are plenty of creative ways to use natural lighting and other elements to bring out the beauty in each shot. Additionally, you can experiment with props such as scarfs or hats to add another layer of fun to your shoot.

But what about the kids? Is a winter photoshoot safe for them?

The short answer is yes – but you must take certain precautions to ensure the safety of your children and to make sure they have fun while they’re getting their pictures taken.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your winter photoshoot.

-Layer Up. By dressing in warm layers you are gearing your family up for a much happier time in the chill.

-Protect Your Extremities. There are plenty of cute hats, mitten, scarves and- hello- earmuffs to make your session stylish but warm!

-Stay Dry. This is most important for your feet. We could be trudging through the snow and so proper boots are an important part of keeping Jack Frost at bay.

Picture This

Before you say “no way” to a snow day, consider the possibilities… Crisp, bright, beautiful and fun images outdoors followed by a hot cocoa party and blanket snuggles afterwards. If you’re tired of the fall foliage images gracing your walls (don’t get me wrong, I love a good fall warmth portrait), shake it up and bring on the snow!

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